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As Muslims we are often not aware of the alcohol content in the food that will be consumed. Even when knowing these dishes containing alcohol we are also confused how to keep food tasty by eliminating ingredients that contain alcohol.

When we finally decided to leave any kind of food for fear of unlawful makanam inedible because they contain alcohol, many of us finally decided to cook it yourself at home

Here’s an alternative to alcohol substance that remains palatable dishes.

1. Substitute Mirin

Mirin is a fermented rice containing alcohol, slightly sweet taste and yellow.

Use: for fresh grape juice mix with lemon juice to add a little sugar

2. Penggantik Angciu (Arak Cook)

Angciu most often used by food vendors. Usually in though for seafood and other Chinese dishes. Angciu also made from fermented rice. Its color is reddish and slightly sour taste slightly sweet savory. If you want to make yourself at home then seafood

Use: Soy sauce mix with lemon juice or lime juice to dilute.

3. Substitute Sake

Sake is also the result of fermentation of rice containing alcohol so unclean in consumption. The color is translucent white and famous as well as flavoring dishes.

Use: fresh grape juice mixed with lemon juice.

4. Substitute Red Wine

Red wine is fermented red wine purplish red and contain a high alcohol. In his position drink as an aperitif. But if in the cooking position can be replaced.

Use: Fresh red grape juice or cranberry juice

5. Substitute white wine

White wine is fermented green grapes result creamy with a sweet taste and high alcohol. When you want to use in cooking

Use: fresh apple juice

6. Substitute Vodka

Alcoholic beverages are of course forbidden in Islam can be replaced.

Use: fresh grape juice mixed with lemon juice.

Well so alternative that we can use as a substitute for alcohol. Perhaps of such alternatives can not produce the exact same dishes with delicious dishes with alcohol. But it could prevent us from consuming foods that are forbidden in Islam. good luck

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