HALAL CORNER.ID, JAKARTA – Basically all transactions are halal, unless it contains things that are forbidden; so technically, Syariah Economy is very simple. Just by avoiding the things that are forbidden, everything will be halal.

One of the prohibition in muamalah is buying and selling gharar. Gharar can be interpreted as “unclear”. The normal thing in business is the clarity in transactions; the clarity of the ownership, the price, the specification, the quality, the delivery time, and the clarity of the payment time. The gharar ban is appropriate with the business logic; do not buy a pig in a poke.

If we buy the sacrificial animal by coming directly into the cage, choosing, appraising, and paying are the safest ways to avoid gharar. When everything has become online, the sale of sacrificial animals has too. You can order, transfer, and send or post it to be transmitted. But, people have to notice that there is a potential of gharar that should be avoided in the online sale of the sacrificial animals.

  1. Ownership

Has the sacrificial animal seller already owned the animal? Or else, were he just about to buy it right after we paid? Selling items that are not owned is Haram.

  1. Specifications

“The cost of a standard goat is X rupiahs, and the cost of a premium goat is Y rupiahs” is an example of a gharar, because there is no explanation that explains what a “standard goat” and a “premium goat” mean. Using a weight classification will be better. For instance, Goat A (with the weight of X kg – Y kg). Now, as the standard of the weight has been decided, the price can now be considered.

But the weight specifications are not yet fully gharar-free, because the weight of the animals can either increase or decrease when they are kept inside the cage. Therefore, the seller should make it clear about whether the weight listed is the weight of the animals when they get into the cage, the weight of the animals when the transaction happens between the seller and the buyer, or the weight of the animals when they are delivered to some destinations.

Let us be more careful in “bermuamalah”, so that our noble intention of offering Qurban is not damaged by the gharar when we buy it.



Ahmad Gozali, Islamic Financial Planner

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