HALALCORNER.ID – Based on high demand for a list of halal certified cosmetics, Halal Corner provides a list of cosmetics that currently have a valid halal MUI certification. This data is based on the list of halal products updated by LPPOM MUI in December 2017. The term cosmetics are for make-up and other skin care.

Halal products list in LPPOM MUI are always changing and experiencing updates from time to time. In addition, the certificationct is only valid for two years and must make an extension. So this list is not permanent, but also keeps changing with the latest data from LPPOM MUI.

Here is the list of halal cosmetics made in February 2018 by Halal Corner:

This list is made with the aim of facilitating the public in buying cosmetic products or skincare that already has a halal certificate MUI.

If there is a product that is not in this list, it does not mean the product has the status of haram, but the status becomes syubhat. So it is expected to be more careful when buying cosmetics.

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