HALALCORNER.ID. Jakarta. Halal cosmetics are now no longer in short supply but starting to squirm and appear one by one in Indonesia. From skin care products to decorative. Likewise in Brazil, Private Cosmeticos is now producing cosmetic products that have been halal-certified according to Islamic rules.

Private Cosmetics certified halal by the Islamic Inspection Service (SIIL Halal) in February 2021, including hair care and skin care products. Private CEO, Marcio Antonio Espindola, believes that halal certification of his products will give a business credibility and he is also targeting to export his products, especially to Middle Eastern countries. Currently, Private products are available in Arab markets including Saudi Arabia, Libya, and Iraq.

In addition to producing for their own brand, Private Cosmeticos also provides tolling services for other companies who want to have cosmetic products with their own brand. The brand carried by Private Cosmeticos is Vegan Lizz. Some of the items on offer include conditioner, straightening cream, skin mask, shampoo, and hair oil.

Redaction: HC/AM


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