Maya Halal Nail Polish

HALALCORNER.ID-KUALA LUMPUR. Cosmetic products in the halal industry starting to be a trend, various countries began the race to produce halal cosmetics. One of it is non-Muslim country, America. 

Market women always interesting to excavated, because the needs of women to beautify themselves will never recede along of the times. By the number of Muslim is the largest population in the world, it needed halal cosmetics to Muslim women consumers. 

One of kind cosmetics often used by the woman is nail polish. Halal and friendly wudhu nail polish usually use inai, the polish from plant origin. In the technology, start created nail polish from chemical synthetics wudhu friendly. 

Maya Halal Nail Polish

Pioneer of halal and friendly nail polish is Inglot, from Poland. At MIHAS 2017, present similar products with a new brand, Maya, American origin. Released on 2016, Javed Younnis, president, and co-founder Maya cosmetics said their products have been exported to 20 countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, South Africa and Muslim states. He claims that Maya nail polish lasted until one week.

Redaction : HC/Aisha


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