HALALCORNER.ID,KUALALUMPUR– Started from hobby to mix and match colors, Intan “Simply Najj” developed to be a Moslem fashion entrepreneur at the middle of 2013. She ran her home industry without neglect to take care of her two little children. Enjoyed the main job as a housewife and mother of two kids, the owner of Instagram account @simplynajj is always productive. 

SimplyNajj (hijabs fashion) is brand of special clothing for Moslem women which produces clothing in good quality and the theme is simple and elegant for all its products, comes with the products that attract new and every season. Simply Najj present to follow the trend of the latest Moslem clothing. Establised at 2014, Simply Najj often follows bazaar and showcase in a mall at Bogor City Indonesia and great events.  The name of company “Simply Najj” is taken from name of her two kids, Najwa Aulia and Najma Annisa, while “Simply” is taken from style of the clothes, simple and modist. For now Simply Najj has achieved a good marketing, it reach 20-150 million idr of every month.


Redaction: HC/EDR


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