Placenta Ingredients in Cosmetics on Islamic Law Perspective

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 The development of science and technology, especially in of food, medicines and cosmetics field, make various materials previously unexpected or even considered impossible being can used and exploited for consumption such as animal and human placenta. Placenta can be used to increase breast milk production and EWE (Essence of Whole an Embryo-) from extract of abortion baby for anti aging.

Today, it has been common usage and utilization of animal placenta for cosmetics, such as lipstick and lip moisturizer, perfume, facial cream, lotion moisturizer skin, bath soap and powder.

Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) has agreed to set a fatwa Haram about use and utilization of the placenta from human fetus. But what about the use and utilization of animal placenta. Its Halal or Haram ? If the animal placenta comes from Pig, its surely Haram and if its come from cow placenta, we have to see the slaughtering and its must in accordance with Islamic law.

Dear HC’ers, please must be careful to choose what you will consume, make sure it is Halal. Be Smart with Halal Corner

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