Yummy Yogurt, could be Haram?

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Yogurt, Yes, we love it!!, when we heard about yogurt, all you can imagine is its sour, creamy, fermented taste. You can mix it with fresh fruits. Woow more delicious. But this kind of food could be contaminated with Halal ingredients. How do we know?

 Yogurt is kind of fermented product. To make yogurt we need : milk, microbial starter, sugar, stabilizer and maybe we can add colorant and also flavor. So what’s the Halal critical point?

Check it out~

point 1 : Milk >> milk is Halal when it comes from Halal animal

point 2 : Microbial starter >> please kindly ensure the microbial medium, Lactic bacteria needs ti grow in an appropriate condition/medium especially for its protein source (animal/vegetable). if the source comes from vegetable/animal derived protein, it may used enzyme to hidrolize the protein, this enzyme may come from pig derivate

point 3 : sugar >> if we use rafinated sugar, please kindly ensure the processing aid which is activated carbon. It may come from animal derivate such as pigs.

point 4 >> stabilizer // emulsifier, emulsifier source may come from vegetable/animal derivates. Once it comes from animal derivate, we need to ensure the process, the processing aid

point 5 >> flavors & colorants, when the solvent comes from fat derivate, we need to know the source. Fat derivates such as glicerol, may comes from animal derivate, such as pigs Well, but don’t to be worry when you want to consume yogurt, just make sure the yogurt that you want to consume has halal logo and check also its ingredients 🙂 Yogurt is one of the best food for health

So before you eat Yogurt, make sure its HALAL

Salam, Halal is My Way

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  1. asalamualaikum
    boleh diulas ttg makanan kuliner yang menjamur lama dari mulai restoran jepang, cina, korea. sebagian besar tdk bersertifikasi halal. akan tetapi banyak sekali muslim yang makan disana termasuk acara jamuan kantor.
    bagaimana dgn.penggunaan mirin dan sake masak?
    trima ksh


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