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[:en]HALALCORNER.ID, SEOUL– The Muslim population represent 23.3% of the world Muslim population, and is about to grow to 26.4%. Seeing that 60% of the Muslim population is under 30 years old, Islamic countries will Halal markets in a large scale.

Per capita GDP of Muslim population in South Korea has risen to 6.8% on a yearly normal premise in the past recent years, outperforming world average. of cutting edge nations, for example, United States, Europe, Australia, and so on have intensely progressed into the Halal markets, which have been significantly globalized. Most countries in the world have developed to go into the Halal markets, by growing new brands based on healthy and nature friendly products, portrayed by Halal perfect.

Main Islam countries exemplified by UAE, Malaysia and Indonesia have been executing the Halal standardization projects, with a mission to lift the activities in the Halal markets up to U$2.3 trillion.

Why The Halal Element in Korea?

After emphasizing on creating Halal markets started by President Park on the 2015 State of Union Message, the Korean government has set up the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with UAE on the collaboration of agribusiness and Halal Food.

In light of hot impact of Hallyue (“Korean Wave”), FTA amongst Korea and ASEAN, the second blast in Middle East and Eco-friendly industrial infrastructure of Korea, Korean fares is expected to develop generously in the Islamic nations with fitting business sector system. Halal markets will conceivably give chances to organizations of agro-fishery food, raw material prescriptions, cosmetics, Muslim tourism, investment & finance, medical service, and to youthful employment searchers too.

Halal Trade Expo 2017

The Halal Expo Korea 2017 scheduled to be held on August to strengthen and develop the halal industry in the Korea region and beyond.

The event will take place on August, 17th – 19th 2017 at coex.

Companies are not only from Korea, but also from others International countries, such as Indonesia, UAE, Malaysia and others, will present their latest halal products.

The expo gives buyer-business matching event that designed to provide business opportunities to overseas food companies wishing to make their entrance into the Korean market.

In addition, Halal Trade Expo 2017 is a platform to promote Halal products, including organics and fermented food, all of which will be held at COEX hall C on August 17th – 19th 2017.

Further, not only exhibition will be held on that date, meanwhile several conference from the Halal expert which is JAKIM, LPPOM-MUI, INHART THAILAND, IIHO JAPAN and other Halal Certification Bodies will share their knowledge about guideline and policies, halal market trends etc. Thus, it will help companies who want to enter the Halal market to prepare their products based on policies and regulation and help consumers to use good products.

Exhibitor Profile

There will be various Islamic countries with their products of Halal food & beverage, health food, raw material medicines, beauty & cosmetics, logistics, finance, Fashion and other daily products, etc.

Source: Halal Trade Expo Korea Secretariat
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